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Connecting Humanity - The importance of the weekend of April 4th-5th

In a few hours, as April 4th begins roll in, there are many initiatives worldwide to raise our collective vibration. April 4th is significant because there is a unique Astrological event where Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky, this occurs every 13 years. This conjuanction is giving us an opportunity to evolve and move towards a higher spiritual vibration.

There is a global network organizing a mass meditation, 20 minutes in the night between the 4th and the 5th, the time is 4:45 am Central European time

You can find more details here:

As a preparation for this, over 100 Gong players from over 20 countries will start playing for 24 hours in a Global Gong Puja starting Saturday morning at 9. This is a call for all: meditators, yogis, sound healers, gong players to join in this collective effort.

I will be playing the Gong during the day to accompany this process and will do the 20 minute meditation on Saturday night.

If you are interested in playing please sign up here


My request and purpose with this post? I won’t be livestreaming or teaching anything, I think we are spending too much time in front of screens.

This is just to make you aware, take time to meditate, center through whatever practice you have and join us in intention and in action if you wish. The more we are, the higher the chances of bringing up our collective vibration. We will all be connected during the upcoming 2 days. Join at anytime, and if you can join at 4:45 am on the night between Saturday to Sunday, I will be lighting a candle and meditating, connecting and setting and intention of peace and positive transformation for us all.

Blessings of light to all

In love, light and in resonance

Sat Nam, Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in

NIrmal Karam/Claudio

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