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The chance to go within

We are living in very special times, only a couple of weeks ago we were going about life, hearing about Coronavirus as a far away thing and here we are, with a global collective lockdown, forced to stay inside most of the time and no certainty about when life will resume. It seems in a way that we have globally placed the "pause" button. Not because we wanted to but because we have been forced to by the circumstances. For many people this situation is proving to bring uncertainty, fear of the future, economic worry and concern for their own well being as well as their families. Jobs are being lost and we don't know if they will be recovered.

At the same time there is reconversion, many people going online to carry out their trade, creativity of all sorts is flowing and in many cases companionship and community are being reinforced by virtual means. I know that I am getting in touch to have "virtual coffees" with friends that I have not seen in a very long time for example. We are slowing down we are taking a bit more care of our living space, in some cases being more present to our loved ones and in my case, indeed I decided to launch a website a to start to blog...who would have thought.....

I will not try to sugarcoat this, these are difficult time for all of us, and it is true as I see in many yoga pages and facebook walls, it is an opportunity to go within right? But do we know what this means? do we really have a clue? The proposal today is really to move away from easy made and catchy phrases and talk about what I am learning in this process, this belongs only to me and my experience and I hope that it can be helpful.

If you are into yoga, meditation etc there is one constant, that we are divine, a spark of the universal flame and therefore by going inwards we can connect to our underlying truth and divinity. In this sense going in would be connecting with whatever practice you have (meditation, mindfulness, whatever, there is no prescription) and taking a time of stillness for your self, may be even only through conscious breathing. And steadily building this practice, constantly, daily.

if you are confined to a small apartment with small kids running around this may be challenging and this is where our discipline needs to kick in, may be waking up 20 minutes earlier is an idea, just try and see....

But going in also means dealing with our shadow, there is nothing "negative" about our shadow, it is simply part of who we are and these days it is bound to come up. this may show as anger projected onto others, self criticism, criticism of others, overeating etc. if you are going through this the only thing to do is to sit down with these aspects and embrace them, they are a part of you, even the negative emotions, the negative behaviours, they are part of who you are. And they need to be loved and embraced. and it is by total acceptance of the manyfold aspects of the self that these energies can be transformed and transmuted, and there is not time like right now to start

In love, service and resonance

Sat Nam, Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Nirmal Karam , Sunday March 29 2020

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